Private Classes



  • Private classes are for individuals or very small groups. For larger groups, we come to you.
  • Registration must be done through CPR Plus More. The library offers nice meeting rooms, but it is not the sponsor or coordinator. 
  • There is no predetermined calendar. See the Contact Us page to make your appointment, which is subject to instructor and room availability.
  • Instruction will begin with online training. You would take the online training at whatever time you like, but before the class. Most of the classroom time will be for the skills, especially practice of CPR compresssions on a manikin. 
  • Certification -- In-person practice and skills checking are required for certification. Having part of your training online will still meet employer and OSHA requirments (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).
  • Price -- Private classes have a minimum fee of $100 per student. The total will depend on the number of students and selected courses (click for list). We will provide an exact quote in advance.

Classroom Location

Brentwood Library in Concord Park

8109 Concord Road, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027, United States

Call CPR Plus More to Schedule: (615) 377-1199