Hands-Only CPR Training Video

  • Scroll down for a one-minute training video.  To start, click arrow in middle of screen.  
  • Some computers will display controls. For full screen, press the icon on the bottom right, which looks like picture frame. 
  • YouTube will show a choice of related videos at the end. To repeat ours, click the circular rewind arrow on the lower left. 
  • Additional information is below the video screen.

Push yourself to learn more. Take our training.

  • You will get in-person practice on a manikin for what the video just showed, HANDS-ONLY CPR, plus two more life-saving procedures.
  • You will use the manikin to practice CPR PLUS GIVING RESCUE BREATHS
  • You will learn how to set up an AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR (AED) on the manikin, so you are prepared to administer life-saving shocks.
  • The video is from the American Heart Association (AHA). CPR Plus More will give you an AHA certification card when you complete your training. 
  • There is also training and a certification card available from the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI). ASHI training is more basic than AHA, but the CPR technique is identical.
  • Like the music? Click the link for the full music video, Stayin' Alive.